Will Navvy 2.1 work on my machine?

You use Navvy 2.1 at your own risk. However, the following points may reassure you;

Navvy is designed to access relational databases using ODBC connections. This means you can access your own data with the prototype, within the following limitations. Navvy has been tested with Microsoft SQL Server v7.00.623, accessed via Microsoft ODBC driver It has problems with tables whose table-name contains blanks! It has been tested with Personal Oracle 9i for Windows and driver It will probably work with earlier versions of Oracle. Paradox and Dbase ODBC drivers are not recommended, as the program tends to throw an exception. They also don't offer enough functionality

Use the 'Get Access* Data' button and window to process Microsoft Access databases. Access ODBC DSN's can be accessed using Navvy, but with limited functionality, as foreign keys are not supported by the Access ODBC driver. This is why we have implemented a separate Access window in Navvy 2.

Foxpro, DB2 etc. are currently not tested.