What does Navvy 2.1 look like?

Attach to the database.
Navvy works with many commercial databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC databases and Access Data Files.

Browse the tables in the database using the Data Tree

Generate a database query by clicking the Data Tree

Run the query and show the results in the Data Grid

Select a link between two tables in your Data Tree. Data is displayed in Navvy's hierarchical style.

Close records you aren't interested in using the 'handle'.
Use the special 'handle' at the start of the record to close those you are not interested in

Follow the links at the end of the record to related data in other tables
'Drill down' to data linked to the current record in linked tables (via the 'foreign key'). The data is displayed alongside the record, rather than in another window.

Modify your data and save it to the database.
The handle changes to 'Save' giving you the option to save your changes, or Fetch the old data again

Save your data as XML

Try for 30 days and buy - Download Navvy2.1 for Windows(R)

Will Navvy work on my machine?

Download the manual Navvy2.1 has a help-file which contains most of the manual. The manual contains a guided tour as well. Currently the manual is being updated, so you only will get the help-file.Download the help-file if you want to see what Navvy 2.1 can do before downloading it.

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